Creative Expressions

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Arts are the best creative outlets. Drawing and painting, music and literary arts are expressions of our inner being - the soul. Although sometimes it seems that to attain perfection in these spheres requires 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, it is possible for anyone to master the creative arts.

As Einstein put it, "everyone is a genius..." The key is in finding your strengths, your aptitude and gift. Everyone has the potential to achieve greatness as long as they persist, and not give up. It takes years of practice to get good at arts techniques and skills. Practice makes perfect. The secret is to express what is in your heart.

Creativity is an inborn gift that all people possess to various degrees. This gift can be nurtured and developed. The best approach to artistic expression is a combination of technical ability and imagination. Both of these abilities can be acquired or developed further.

Creating wonderful works of art is the greatest feeling. People are natural creators, it is their calling and what makes them unique. There's nothing more rewarding than expressing yourself through music, writing or art. These disciplines are profound and moving.

Inspiration is vital to creating great artworks, there's a great source of it within life itself. Love, truth, and the contents of one's heart are the best motivators for creative expression. It takes one emotion, thought or idea to start creating a flow of words on paper, a melody or painting. But what completes a book, a song or a mural is effort, and faith in your work.

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