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Fine Arts Studio

Design Your Home Around Our Fine Arts Studio



There are many ways you can design your home without having to resort to fancy furniture or spending thousands of dollars on hiring an interior decorator. Were you aware that many professional decorators design the home decor around something as simple as an interesting throw pillow or a beloved painting? That is exactly what many do.


Our fine arts studio has many prints to choose from for this purpose. It also has a throw pillow that provides many interesting colors from which to choose. Pairing the pillow with a matching print can pull the whole look together perfectly. This concept is easy to achieve. Pick one color from the print or pillow to use as the main color. Next, choose a contrasting color from the same work and a neutral color to bring all together. Purchase furniture, or furniture colors in the contrasting color you chose. Use the main color for walls, or even just one wall. The window treatments can be either color. Lastly, place the throw pillow on the end of the couch or on a comfy chair and hang the print in a prominent spot on the wall. If you have a fireplace, the space above can often be perfect.


This is only one suggestion for a way to use home decor based on purchases at a fine arts studio. You don't even have to consider just your home. A piece of fine art will add interest to the homes of nearly everyone. Consider giving a print to someone who has just moved into their first apartment or just purchased their first home. We are certain that once you get started, you can come up with even more ways.

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