Art and Apparel Products Make a Great Combination



What kind of merchandise can you find at an online art gallery? We can't answer for others, but our stock offers choices you might not find in other galleries. Our merchandise does include the expected prints. After all, that is what most people expect from an art gallery. We also offer a book and an incredible music compilation. That isn't all. You will also find tapestries featuring our the same artwork and a mug for your favorite coffee drinker. What may be surprising is our apparel products.


First there is a t-shirt. Currently, we offer a beautiful copy of our heart print but hope to add more selections in the near future. There are also two carry-alls and a tote bag so you can have a piece of fine art with you at all times. Apparel products are a wonderful way to introduce others to the world of art. Finding something that makes them feel wonderful when they wear it will have them wondering what else the world of art may offer. Imagine the delight of your favorite teenage girl when she gets compliments on the wonderful heart design on her t-shirt. That sister of yours who is so hard to please will delight in a bag that allows her to have a convenient way to tote her things around and get admiring comments. You can only come out a winner when you give a gift from our merchandise.