Music and Books

Give Gifts That Keep Giving For Years



When you give a gift to someone special, you not only want it to be something they cherish but also something that will make them smile every time they see it. If it is something they can use more than once, that is even better. Our fine arts studio is full of such gifts. There are the expected art prints but the merchandise we carry is extensive. You can find things to wear, decoration for the home and two types of gifts that can be enjoyed endlessly for years to come, music and books.


Music has been a part of every culture since time began. It has the ability to raise one's spirit and soothe a weary soul. Music can be associated with good memories and can transport you back to a time of sweetness. Artist Anna Lobsanova has made available a collection of music to inspire the most discerning musical tastes. The "Wonders" collection contains sixteen selections, all chosen for their beauty. Anyone receiving this gift will associate fond memories of you every time they listen, and they will listen often. You just might want to buy a few extra copies so you have enough to gift those who hear about the gift from the original recipient.


Books can be found in every home. Most don't have large libraries but everyone has books that capture their attention. It has been proven that children who are read to start reading early and often become life-long readers, increasing their love of learning. "Prince Ivan in Dreamlandia" may be the perfect book for the little one on your gift list. Anna Lobsanova has written the book to capture the imagination in the same way her artwork does. The cover features artwork by her. Start the little ones on your list on a lifelong journey. Who knows, this may be the book that inspires a new generation of writers.